Month: November 2014

ES Training, Lesson 2, Basics

Please read the chapter 2 from the ES Tutorial.

After reading the chapter 2, please complete the Exercise 1.

Exercise 1

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Is EnglishScript language a high level language? [Yes/No]
  2. What language does the EnglishScript language use as a reference?
  3. If you write a program using EnglishScript, can you determine how it works simply by reading it? [Yes/No]
  4. Does ES allow typing mistakes? Yes/No
  5. Can you compile an application written using ES language to a binary format file and then later execute it directly? [Yes/No]
  6. Does ES insist that everything must be introduced before referencing it (in the written text)? [Yes/No]



Answers to the Exercise 1:

1: Yes, 2: English, 3: Yes, 4: No, 5: Yes, 6: Yes


ES Training, Lesson 1, Welcome

Welcome to the training of the EnglishScript programming language.

This training material is meant for students that want to learn how to write applications using the EnglishScript programming language.

This training material includes a collection of lessons, each covering a small topic about the EnglishScript. First lessons cover the basic information about ES, and the following lessons go deeper into the subject, describing the more advanced features of ES language. Each lesson provides exercises that a student should do.

This training material is published as a series of blog entries, each providing one lesson. When time passes there should be a comprehensive collection of lessons covering various topics around ES language. For each lesson, there will be published later also the answers to the given exercises.

Notice that a student taking part of these lessons to learn ES language is not expected to have prior experience of any programming languages, though it would be beneficial. However a student should have at least elementary understanding about English language to be able to finish the lessons without major difficulties.

This training material uses the EnglishScript Tutorial documentation (ADD LINK HERE) as the text book for these training lessons. The ES Tutorial provides a comprehensive explanation about various topics around ES language.