ES Training, Lesson 2, Basics
Posted on: November 17, 2014, by : Tommi Mänttäri

Please read the chapter 2 from the ES Tutorial.

After reading the chapter 2, please complete the Exercise 1.

Exercise 1

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Is EnglishScript language a high level language? [Yes/No]
  2. What language does the EnglishScript language use as a reference?
  3. If you write a program using EnglishScript, can you determine how it works simply by reading it? [Yes/No]
  4. Does ES allow typing mistakes? Yes/No
  5. Can you compile an application written using ES language to a binary format file and then later execute it directly? [Yes/No]
  6. Does ES insist that everything must be introduced before referencing it (in the written text)? [Yes/No]



Answers to the Exercise 1:

1: Yes, 2: English, 3: Yes, 4: No, 5: Yes, 6: Yes


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